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These are some retro-style screensavers that I made for fun a while back.

Windows Defender, or other anti-virus software, may detect the screensavers as harmful software. They aren't viruses, I swear. The source code for every screensaver is included in the package if you want to check for yourself and/or make your own modifications.

These screensavers were designed for use with Windows. They have not been tested on other operating systems, and are unlikely to work with them. 

Included Screensavers

MatrixQuiltSunset Grid
Starfield Hyperdrive
•Red and green variants.
•Binary trickles down from the top of the screen.
•Pop-up windows with random messages drift among the binary.
•Solid and splotched variants.
•A colorful square reflects off the screen edges.
•Trail behind square creates a quilt-like pattern.
•Retro outrun-style screensaver.
•Classic 80's moving grid.
•Moving  towards a distant sunrise (or sunset).
•Grid changes colors periodically, sun fluctuates between orange and yellow.
•Screensaver starts with the user exiting hyperspace.
•Upon exiting hyperspace, user winds up in a starfield.
•Stars drift past the user from a 3-D, first-person view.

Install instructions

Installing a screensaver

  1. Right-click on the ".scr" file, then left-click "install". 
  2. After a quick installation, the "screensaver settings" window will open. The screensaver should automatically be applied, and will run a preview.  Pressing keys or moving your mouse will close the screensaver.
  3. In the "screensaver settings" window, you can adjust how long your computer waits until running the screensaver by modifying the "wait" value.
  4. Viola! Your cool new screensaver will run after waiting however long you told it to.

Returning to screensaver settings

  1. Access the Windows start menu by pressing the windows logo key on your keyboard, or by left-clicking the windows icon on your taskbar. 
  2. Click on the cog icon to open your settings.
  3. In the settings menu, left-click on "personalization"
  4. In the "personalization"  menu, left-click on the "lock screen" option.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the "lock screen" page, and left-click the "screen saver settings" option. This will take you to your screensaver settings.


Conoga Screensavers Vol1 (v1.1).zip 4 MB

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